The course project that I focused on was based upon my own program that I work with each and every day. The U.S. Army Practical Nurse Course (PNC) conducts an annual review of the curriculum based upon the goals and objectives outlined in each lesson plan. The overall goal of the program to align the curriculum with approved standard textbook to improve the quality of the instructional materials presented to the students. Student performance on examinations, student feedback and skills labs will assist in preparing the student to take the National Certification Licensure Examination for Licensed Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN) in the state of Texas. Other outlined goals are to identify incoherent curriculum of instruction, identify difficult exams, and identify student feedback on instructional delivery. This particular course has brought about much insight and relevancy the many aspects of analysis as a whole to include all stakeholders and the contextual factors that influence the overall success of the course goals and objectives. The skill sets learned from this course are of course analysis, interviewing techniques, reporting strategies and elevator speeches to engage stakeholders on why to conduct program evaluations and the benefits it can accomplish.

Program Evaluation Chart

Evaluation Model and Criteria

Collection StrategiesGrahamD

WK3 Program Analysis

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